The Importance of Programming Your AC Thermostat

With smart homes becoming the “norm” and many focused on energy-conscious living, one thing we have seen often gets overlooked is the programming of your air conditioning thermostat. Although it may seem like a small adjustment, it can help with … Continued

Why Not To Wait For Heating Repair

While sunny South Florida doesn’t have too many cold days, when the temperatures drop there’s nothing worse than finding out your heat is out when you need it most. That’s why it’s key to not wait for your heating repairs. … Continued

When Should I Schedule My AC Maintenance?

When it comes to ensuring your air conditioning is functioning properly all year long, AC maintenance is an essential step in doing so. By servicing your AC unit on a regular basis, you can rest easy knowing it’s been properly … Continued

Top Benefits of Home Automation Systems

When it comes to automating your home, there is a wide range of benefits that come along with it. Home automation can enhance your lifestyle, increase convenience, and improve the overall efficiency of your home. Benefits of Home Automation Systems … Continued

7 Ways To Improve Indoor Air Quality

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How AC Companies Can Help You Cut Energy Costs

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Setting My Thermostat

How do I learn more about setting for my Thermostat? Just like the homeowners we serve, we at Air-Ref believe in staying cool and comfortable indoors while also conserving energy. That is why it’s important to ask about setting my … Continued