Panel Upgrades, Panel Installation & Panel Replacement

Are you remodeling or just upgrading existing components? Either way Air-Ref Co.’s electrical team is here to help with any panel upgrades, installations and replacements you may need! Our Electrical Team has been serving Palm Beach and Broward County for over 25 years. Electrical panels can be effected by many things such as new advances in appliances that cause additional strain on equipment, erosion and more!

You may be in need of panel upgrade service if your home:

  • Was built prior to 1960 (no circuit breakers)
  • Breaker trips often
  • Has recently had an addition built
  • If your panel has been discontinued- Federal Pacific and Zinsco

Top Quality Panel Upgrade & Installation

Safety is a huge part of our service here at Air-Ref Co. Inc. let our experts advise you like family and make sure you have the right panel for your home or business! Air-Ref Co.’s fully licensed and insured technicians will streamline your installation or upgrade and provide prompt service. If you are concerned your panel is a safety hazard contact Air-Ref Co Inc. right away! (561) 495-7060