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Schedule AC Maintenance Before It Gets Hot

The climate here in Southeastern Florida is a little different from what most people in the U.S. experience. Instead of your typical four seasons, we have: hurricane season, love bug season, tourist season, and summer. Of course, this means we need our air conditioners year-round in order to stay comfortable.

The weather now may be bearable, but in just a couple of months the brutal heat and humidity will be back. Is your air conditioner ready to keep you and your family cool? Here at Air-Ref, we’re big proponents of getting preventive maintenance for your air conditioning system to ensure it runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible all year long.

Here are four reasons it pays to schedule AC maintenance now — before the weather really heats up.

Beat the Summer Rush for AC Maintenance

Intense heat and humidity have a way of reminding homeowners that it’s time to schedule an AC maintenance for their systems. By scheduling maintenance while it’s still winter, you’ll beat the summer rush for service appointments and get the appointment that best fits your timeline. Plus it will help prolong your system.

Avoid Breakdowns in the Middle of Summer

No one wants to put up with a broken down air conditioner in the middle of July. Scheduling air conditionin maintenance now allows you to catch minor issues and address them before they escalate into more serious ones. You’ll save money and spare your family from major discomfort by not having to schedule a costly repair down the road!

Keep Your Air Conditioner Running Efficiently

Did you know that just one tune-up can make your air conditioner run more efficiently? That’s because AC maintenance includes optimizations to make air conditioning units run more smoothly — like tightening electrical connections and lubricating moving parts.

Save on Home Cooling Costs

Are you tired of seeing your cooling costs climb higher and higher from year to year? Scheduling regular air conditioning maintenance — especially before temperatures hit their highest — could help with that. When your AC system runs more efficiently, it can keep your home just as cool while using less energy. This, in turn, means lower energy costs.

Trust Air-Ref Co. Inc. with Your AC Maintenance Needs

Looking to have your air conditioner serviced before the temperatures really start rising? Talk to the team at Air-Ref Co. Inc. We’re proud to help homeowners in Broward County and up the coast stay cool with expert air conditioning maintenance. Should we discover during your routine maintenance visit that you could save money and stay cooler by upgrading to an energy efficient AC unit, we will also help you choose and install the right unit for your home!

Keep your air conditioner running smoothly and efficiently all summer. Call 561-264-8302 or contact us today to schedule your maintenance appointment!

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