Is Your AC Ready for the Blazing Summer Heat?

About 54 percent of your utility bill is from heating and cooling your home, says the U.S. Department of Energy.

Right now you might be enjoying low utility bills, especially with perfect spring weather. But “I can’t believe how hot it is!” days are coming, and soon you’ll be lowering the thermostat around the clock trying to stay comfortable. That could cost you a lot if your AC isn’t ready.

Today, most homes with air conditioning and cooling can account for at least HALF of your utility bill, so maintaining your AC is vital to saving you money.

Blazing Summer Heat can stress your AC enough to cause you to worry. However, when a summer heat wave hits, our service calls always surge. An AC that isn’t prepared can suffer a lot of stress when it has to run for extended periods of time. Additionally, poor maintenance can lead to the early demise of your AC equipment. Fortunately, you can take preventive measures ahead of time to ensure that your air conditioner is optimized.
AC Optimization:

Preventive care is ideal for making sure that every aspect of your cooling system is working correctly. A maintenance or Full check-up provides a technician with the chance to inspect connections, lubricate moving parts and check for wear or deterioration in important components of your system.

A thorough evaluation of your system can take between 75 and 90 minutes. It will allow your Air-Ref professional technician to bring problems to your attention so that appropriate repairs can be completed before any summer heat waves set in. If you are learning of the service in the midst of a hot summer, it’s not too late to perform AC maintenance. However, the ideal time for preventive air conditioner service is in the spring so that you can beat the heat by making sure that your system is ready before temperatures skyrocket.

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