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How Your HVAC System Works

Here in South Florida, escaping the heat and humidity can seem almost impossible. Fortunately, with a reliable HVAC system, you can feel cool and comfortable at home all year long.

But how does an HVAC system work, exactly, and what should a homeowner know about their HVAC system in order to stay comfortable? As your local air conditioning contractor, here is what you need to know about the connection between your HVAC system and your home comfort.

What Does HVAC Stand For?

“HVAC” stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning and refers to the systems that work together to keep a home comfortable. Most homes have both a heating system and an air conditioning system; but in Southern Florida, it’s common to have air conditioning without heating.

No matter where you live, your home should have some form of ventilation — a means of removing stuffy indoor air from the home and supplying a fresh intake of air from the outdoors. People here in Florida often rely on open windows and vents for natural ventilation. A healthier and more energy efficient approach is to install a whole-home ventilation system. A ventilation system works hand-in-hand with your HVAC equipment and ductwork to keep fresh air circulating throughout your home.

Your HVAC System Does More Than Cool Your Home

One common misconception about HVAC systems is that they only control how hot or cold your house is. However, they also offer humidity control and help maintain healthy indoor air quality. Here is a look at three key functions of your HVAC system:

Keep Your Home Just the Right Temperature

When it’s hot out, your air conditioner keeps your home cool by using refrigerant to move excess heat out of the home. Many local homeowners are used to keeping their thermostats set at a single temperature, but by upgrading to a smart Wifi thermostat, you can fine-tune your home comfort with different temperature settings throughout the day

Remove Excess Indoor Humidity

Your air conditioner or heat pump also removes excess humidity in your home when it’s hot out. Humidity control is essential not only because it helps you feel more comfortable but also because it prevents mold growth and moisture related damage to your home.

Maintain Healthy Indoor Air Quality

You may not see them, but airborne contaminants like dust, pet dander, pollen, and germs threaten your home’s indoor air quality (IAQ) on a daily basis. The filters in your HVAC system help keep your indoor air clean and healthy by removing these contaminants from the air. That’s why it’s so important to change your air filters every few months. For even greater protection against bacteria, viruses, mold, and strong odors, you can have an HVAC technician install an in-duct air purifier.
Air-Ref: South Florida’s Local HVAC Expert

As your trusted local HVAC contractor, Air-Ref Co. Inc. is here to help you feel as comfortable as possible inside your home. Whether your home just never seems to be the right temperature, you wish to upgrade to a smart thermostat, or you’re looking for ways to reduce humidity and allergens in your indoor air, we’re here to help.

Have questions or need to repair your HVAC system? Call 561-264-8302 or contact us to get in touch with your local HVAC expert!

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